Tivoli Access Manager

Tivoli Access Manager by IBM

IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On is a simple and flexible access management solution that combines convenient single sign-on with session management and user tracking/audit capabilities. The product simplifies password management, supports a variety of strong authentication devices, and helps secure kiosks and shared workstations, enforcing compliance at the enterprise endpoints. 


  • Strengthens access control with convenient single sign-on (SSO) to enterprise and mobile applications and with strong authentication support.
  • Improves productivity by eliminating multiple passwords, simplifying the user experience and supporting mobility.
  • Increases auditability and compliance by tracking and auditing fine-grained user access to information.
  • Achieves higher return on investment (ROI) with a virtual appliance form factor and reduced costs.
  • Allows users to sign on from anywhere to the enterprise network with one password and get secure access to all applications, including those on the Apple® iPad