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TinderBox by TinderBox

TinderBox provides online proposal management software that leverages data in your CRM to automatically generate dynamic sales documents. Tinderbox is a software suite that provides continuous integration capability. Tinderbox allows developers to manage software builds and/or testing and to correlate build failures on various platforms and configurations with particular code changes.TinderBox manages all aspects of proposal creation: writing, formatting, management, approvals, and tracking from within one simple interface.


  • TinderBox offers a robust feature set to help manage, deliver, and track sales presentations, proposals and contracts. 
  • Powerful web-based software enables marketing, sales, and legal teams to optimize, streamline, and automate the final stages in the sales process. 
  • Automate detail-oriented, repetitive tasks with technology to enable your sales team to spend more time doing what they do best—selling.