TimeForge Scheduling

TimeForge Scheduling by TimeForge

TimeForge Scheduling provides flexible, powerful and easy-to-use tools to build and publish an employee schedule, communicate with your staff members, and focus on generating revenue instead of paper-work. 


  • Schedule Without Pain 
    Happy employee schedule building! TimeForge Scheduling is a fast Internet application accessible from anywhere in the world. Our proprietary AutoSchedulerâ„¢ system can make a complete employee schedule in seconds. Managers can just plug in some information and let it go! Every TimeForge Scheduling employee schedule reduces labor costs and increases profits. In short, TimeForge Scheduling will change your life! 

  • Monitor Labor Costs 
    Employee schedules with labor costs. Reporting tools are important to managing any business. Not only does TimeForge offer dozens of reports to manage your labor in ways you've never been able to, but we also have the ability to show labor costs right on employee schedules, as they're being built! 
  • Be Notified of Schedule Conflicts
     TimeForge Scheduling notifies management of possible problems that could occur when publishing or posting an employee schedule, like scheduling someone for overtime, or for too many days in a row. Additional alerts occur when there are conflicts between different schedules (We won't let you schedule someone twice!). 

  • Notify Employees 
    TimeForge Scheduling can email schedules to employees on a daily basis, and send text message reminders to their cell phones hours before they actually work. No one should ever miss a shift again! 

  • Reduce Employee Turnover 
    TimeForge Scheduling can reduce employee turnover by managing and recording employee schedule requests and changes to employee availability. These changes automatically appear on all schedules, as a constant reminder to management, so employees will always feel like they're commitments are being respected. 
  • Instant Return On Investment 
    Managers can generate employee schedules within minutes (not hours); employees are notified of their schedule on a continual basis! Spend less time on scheduling, and more time on "the floor" working with employees and ensuring customer satisfaction.