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TimeForge HR by TimeForge

Labor management software that provides you with the power and flexibility you need to get done, and get home! Our software includes employee scheduling, time punches, human resources, and a daily log. TimeForge interfaces to many common retail and restaurant point of sale software. Labor management software has never been easier!


  • Never Search for Paperwork - Upload and store documents, such as resumes and cover letters, applications, assessments, background checks, I-9 and W-4 documents, payroll documentation, and insurance forms 
  • Terminate Staff Easily - Quickly terminate staff with the click of a button, and specify which staff members are eligible for re-hire at one or more locations. 
  • Manage Employee Leave - TimeForge automatically calculates Paid Time Off, Sick Leave, Vacation Time and other eligible leave based on the guidelines you set up. 
  • Employee Access - Staff members can log-in to TimeForge, check upcoming schedules, enter requests, send messages, and much more - greatly speeding up the onboarding process within your organization.