Time Tracker Release 5.1

Time Tracker Release 5.1 by Asgard Systems Inc.

Time Tracker software allows users to manage large and complex employee schedules. Time Tracker maintains schedules from the past, present and into the future. It is an easy and flexible way of defining fair and consistent scheduling patterns. A big part of the scheduling process is analyzing the large volumes of information in order to make the right decision. Time Tracker automates this process and warns of inappropriate situations when you are scheduling staff. It also provides a wide variety of reports that summarize and analyze activity over time.


  • Time Tracker scheduling software is easy to use, yet is still highly configurable. Time Tracker is capable of handling the most complex schedules in a user friendly manner.
  • Time Tracker allows you to visually maintain your coverage. In the above examples, you can clearly see the coverage for each shift.
  • Time Tracker Will Save You Time and Reduce Errors.