TIBCO Spotfire
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TIBCO Spotfire by TIBCO Software Inc.

TIBCO Spotfire? is a data discovery and business intelligence tool with depth. Its capabilities cover the spectrum from colorful graphic visualizations to in-depth statistical analysis. 

You can create various data visualizations with custom interactive dashboards that aid in discovery, but with the Spotfire built in analytical engines, you can do so much more: utilize the results of data mining, help in-house intelligence analysts crunch proprietary numbers, and aim for new business growth.

Spotfire helps you anticipate opportunities and risks by seamlessly integrating predictive models and real-time event streams into user-friendly business intelligence solutions that work. 

It offers the best of both worlds: powerful predictive analytics for business users and a broad array of cutting-edge statistical analysis tools and self-service BI systems for statisticians and quantitative analysts. These tools can be used to rapidly prototype, develop, and deploy new analytic applications.


  • Desktop 
    Spotfire® Desktop was built for the individual. Once your data is imported, Spotfire® will use targeted BI solutions to provide suggestions on different and better ways to look at the data, allowing for the discovery of different insights, relationships, and impact of the data. 

    Spotfire supports dimension-free exploration, to enable users to interactively visualize data without constraints. Develop actionable insights for quick actions and informed decision making under pressure. Use the assets locked in a data warehouse to actively control the course of business processes. 

    In addition, this set of business intelligence software products uniquely enables users to create rich, multi-level map-based analytics presentations, to better understand geographic correlations in data. From there you can build custom groupings in business intelligence dashboards, run statistical models locally, and export your findings with ease. 

  • Cloud
    TIBCO Spotfire® Cloud, designed for data mining, requires no installation. Everything you need for robust business intelligence and analytics is in the cloud. You get data analytics software-as-a-service for visual exploration and analysis of your data. 

    Spotfire Cloud provides the same business intelligence tools as Spotfire Desktop, with the addition of web authoring and unlimited sharing. Best for a team, some of the capabilities include exporting your findings to Excel, PPT, and PDF; sharing privately with your group; or publishing to the Internet. 

  • Platform
    Spotfire Platform is designed for larger deployments within organizations. Its differentiating hybrid in-memory/in-database analytics architecture supports the most demanding enterprise needs, easily scaling to thousands of users and limitless rows of data.

    Spotfire is deployed in the world’s largest companies in energy, financial services, manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, and life sciences industries. It works within existing IT systems and security models, and is backed by TIBCO’s global domain expertise and 24×7 customer service. Along with the same capabilities of Spotfire Cloud, Platform allows you to run enterprise-scale statistical models; export or share reporting and analytics in any way you want; share your findings securely with customers, partners, and your organization; and customize security, data connectivity, and automation for your environment.