TIBCO LogLogic

TIBCO LogLogic by TIBCO Software Inc.

Log data isn't just for security anymore. Log and machine data is being harnessed to provide insight into IT operational efficiencies – and TIBCO LogLogic® uses log and machine data as the fuel for improving Operational Intelligence. TIBCO LogLogic solution helps you gain control of log data, accelerates time to insight, and provides assurance that the data you need is always there.


  • Automate data management and business processes for real-time information flow between people and systems.
  • Correlate events and data across real-time and historical streams to anticipate opportunities and threats.
  • Data discovery turns big data into actionable information by instantly visualizing, interacting with, and sharing data.
  • Many TIBCO solutions are now available as a set of cloud services. Each can run independently but all are natively integrated for ease-of-use.
  • Increase customer loyalty and influence purchase decisions with real-time offers and rewards based on what's happening right now.