TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM 3.1

TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM 3.1 by TIBCO Software Inc.

TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM is a leading business process platform that offers enterprise strength in a business-friendly solution. With flexible processes able to react to the right business events in real time, it meets all of an organization’s business process needs. TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM helps you go beyond automation to digitalize your business. 


  • Reinvent Your Business (Processes)
    To apply innovation to your business operations and reinvent your value, don’t just automate your existing processes, digitalize them. Take advantage of new disruptive technologies and trends like fast data, mobility, the Internet of Things, the consumerization of IT, and the event-driven enterprise. TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM can help you reinvent your business value and open up new markets and economies.

  • Business Agility
    To stay competitive in today’s world, organizations must prepare for rapid change and innovation. ActiveMatrix BPM lets you compose your business processes for change rather than follow a prescriptive, predesigned path. This capability allows both people and systems to work on-the-fly to compose and arrange the best process for the current situation.

  • Business Independence From IT
    With ActiveMatrix BPM, IT is not involved in day-to-day changes in the process. Because of this, the business can adjust and change operations immediately to address threats and opportunities while saving IT development hours for innovative new projects that bring business value.