Thymometrics by Thymometrics

Thymometrics, a disruptive new breed of employee feedback solutions, provides real time, always-on surveys and feedback technology. With revolutionary yet simple tools, Thymometrics empowers employees whilst providing managers with deep insights and useable data to improve their business culture, well-being, productivity and profitability.


Thymometrics web-based unique and simple survey enables your employees to express their views and feelings about the place they work at any time and via any device. 

With Thymometrics' out-of-the-box analytics for managers, we provide a broad array of flexible and real-time reports, dashboards and trends that reveal the mood across any part of your organization, over any chosen date range. 

We understand the importance of giving your staff a voice, so Thymometrics' patent pending anonymous 2-way feedback solutions enable a dialogue to take place between employees and management to address concerns, suggestions or feedback, all from within one online environment.