The UPS store 3D Printing Services

The UPS store 3D Printing Services by The UPS store

Following the successful launch of 3D print in six markets across the country, The UPS Store® has expanded 3D printing services to meet the growing demands of its small business customers to nearly 100 additional locations nationwide. 


  • Print Functional Prototypes
    You can use 3D printing for prototypes or one-of-a-kind items. Let The UPS Store bring your ideas to life. We can even use your 3D CAD file. 

  • Construct Manufacturing Jigs and Fixtures
    We understand when you do your own manufacturing, jigs and fixtures are critical for insuring high-quality and efficiency during assembly and testing. Our 3D printer can create complex parts so you are not dependent on a CNC machine. Find a 3D print location near you to get started today. 

  • Create Custom Accessories
    Want to design your own smartphone case or money clip? Most items that are smaller than a breadbox and can be made out of single color of plastic are perfect for 3D printing.

  • Build Architectural Models
    You can work in just about any 3D architectural design program and then export to common 3D CAD file types. The finished product is ready to show off or you can sand and paint your building to give it just the right look.