The Tussman Program Legal Billing

The Tussman Program Legal Billing by The Tussman Program

Our legal billing software includes all the functions you need to maintain lists of clients, matters, contacts, and persons related to each matter. You can perform conflict checks, generate client and matter reports and labels, keep unlimited free form notes for each client or matter, and email a client with the click of a mouse.


  • Easy to use input screens enable you to record all your time and disbursements, both billable and nonbillable, as well as payments, credits and retainer and trust transactions.

  • Bills can be formatted to meet virtually any requirement, and can be generated at any time, for any individual client or group of clients. You can print an exact copy of any past bill at any time, generate a comprehensive “historical” bill, or generate separate reminder statements for past due accounts. Any finalized bill can be unfinalized, changes made, and regenerated as needed.

  • From one screen you can view a client’s complete account history and status, including a master ledger displaying all activity to date.

  • Sophisticated reporting capabilities can show in a single report account balances and a summary of activity for any date range desired, as well as specialized reports such as a staff earnings analysis or detailed productivity reports.