The Nortridge Loan Management System

The Nortridge Loan Management System by NOTRIDGE SOFTWARE COMPANY

A platform to handle everything from originating*, servicing loans, to management and collections. Rapidly scale while simultaneously reducing overhead costs by using workflows and automation. *Via third-party partnerships or creating your customized front-end by leveraging our consulting team. 


  • Loan Servicing
    Easily create new loan products and expand into new markets. Improve efficiency and minimize delinquency rates.

  • Collections
    Rapidly improve your collection rates. Our fully integrated collections module allows you continuously improve your practices.

  • Reporting & Statements
    Improve decisions and keep track of key measurements. Easily create custom reports or get started with 100's of standard ones.

  • Workflow and Automation
    Automate your business. Leverage workflows and scripting to make processes quicker and eliminate manual actions.

  • Loan Origination
    Use our consulting team to create the originations front-end of your dreams or plug into one using one of our partners.

  • Management Analytics
    Manage your business with real-time dashboards. Track and leverage loan statistics and much more.