The EmpCenter® Suite

The EmpCenter® Suite by WorkForce Software

EmpCenter helps large employers track employee hours and absences, assign tasks, manage schedules, streamline labor law compliance, and mitigate the risk of employee fatigue. But that’s just the start.With EmpCenter, you’re able to tackle more strategic workforce management goals—like controlling labor costs through eliminating unearned absences, minimizing unplanned overtime, and increasing productivity by optimizing schedules and labor.


  • Uncompromising Configuration
    No policy is too complex and no process too difficult to automate. EmpCenter automates 100% of your requirements with ZERO custom code, guaranteed.

  • Seamless Integrations
    Pre-built integrations with back-end HR, payroll, and ERP systems ensure that EmpCenter easily fits into your existing environment.

  • Demonstrated Ease of Use
    Wizard-based navigation and a diverse set of data collection devices helps everyone from computer novices to ‘techies’ get up-to-speed and work effectively.

  • Global Capabilities
    Comply with labor laws around the world and deploy in any language on a single world-wide workforce management instance.

  • Low Cost of Ownership
    Too many organizations get stuck with proprietary hardware and highly customized systems that no longer address their needs. We take a different approach using open standards.

  • Workforce Management Expertise & Support
    Extensive training and a singular focus on workforce management means that when you contact us, you’ll reach someone who speaks your language.