The Collector System

The Collector System by Columbia Ultimate, Inc

The Collector System offers increased flexibility, productivity and visibility by supplying tools to optimize workflow, automate processes and create new channels for data access and management. The Collector System’s intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) ensures your collectors will spend less time navigating between screens searching for pertinent information. 


  • Boost productivity, automate your compliance efforts
    The Collector System features technology that helps you meet the latest compliance regulations. The Collector System supports HIPAA and HITECH compliance, such as logging who accesses/ changes information and when, data encryption, restriction of user account access and activities, and masking and concealing data.

  • Keep data safe
    The system’s encryption security feature disguises data to prevent unauthorized access. Encrypting sensitive data helps ensure the confidentiality of data in the event other security measures are compromised. The Collector System supports encryption of both data at rest and data in motion.

  • Store and manage accounts in one place
    Account phone numbers, addresses, email, pagers, websites, and other contact information can be accessed from one central location. Action codes make it easy to record the history and results of all contact attempts, helping you meet compliance requirements.