Test Drive

Test Drive by Original Software

TestDrive is our Automated Software Quality (ASQ) solution that addresses these requirements to achieve rapid automation. It is designed to test browser and legacy applications, as well as GUIs, including Java™, Ajax, Flex® and Silverlight®The next generation technology incorporated into TestDrive brings practical business benefits that offer you options.


  • Remove your manual testing bottlenecks 
  • Reduce your time to market 
  • Increase test coverage 
  • Minimise script maintenance 
  • Achieve Agile automation 

  • Code-free testing technology 
  • Test scenarios are created through point and click interface. 
  • Self healing script technology 
  • Variable data functionality supports data driven testing 
  • Out of the box support for AJAX, .NET, Oracle, Java, JSP’s Perl, Python, PHP etc.