Terremark Colocation

Terremark Colocation by Verizon

Terremark’s Colocation services offer customers controlled and managed datacenter space with myriad connectivity options to house computing, storage, telecom and application server equipment. Depending on customer requirements, open racks, cabinets, or customized caged floor spaces are available across a global footprint of hardened and secure facilities designed to withstand major environmental incidents.


  • Relieve the burden of internally managing IT resources and systems with our services. Our technicians can handle your colocation projects at any of our data centers.
  • Equipment inspection, handling, and cabling services to verify your equipment arrived undamaged and installed correctly
  • A professional and highly trained staff to consult with you during the colocation process
  • Inventory analysis with digital pictures to verify equipment location
  • A complete burn-in and verification process to confirm systems and equipment are configured and running properly