Teradata Aster Discovery Platform

Teradata Aster Discovery Platform by Teradata Corporation

Experience 10x-1000x better performance than traditional systems and scalability to hundreds of terabytes and petabytes of data. This powerful suite of analytic functions delivers industry leading visualizations for SQL, MapReduce and Graph applications and helps you gain valuable insights with the combined analytics power of MapReduce, R and SQL. 


  • Accelerate time to insights with minimal resource outlays for big data analytics on multistructured data sources and types. Since it does not require new investments in hard-to-?nd programming skills and system administration capabilities, it is a cost-effective way to deliver new analytic capabilities for a wide group of users with varying technical skills at breakthrough performance and scalability.

  • Streamline management and centralized administration - even when your system scales to tens and hundreds of servers. The Aster Management Console makes it easy to con?gure, manage and monitor data, applications and infrastructure. The graphical interface includes summary dashboards, graphical views of query and process execution – plus single-click scaling and point-and-click access to workload management policies.

  • Optimize performance by executing loads, queries, exports, backups, recovery, installs and upgrades in parallel for faster insight discovery. Unique Applications-Within™ architecture runs analytic application logic inside the system via patented SQL-MapReduce®, SQL-Graph, R and SQL engines to deliver continuous availability, easy management, and linear scalability to meet your growing enterprise needs.

  • Now you can snap together multiple analytic engines (SQL-MR, SQL-GR™, R and SQL) and ?le stores based on your specific needs. And when it’s time to add more analytics engines, all current workload management, query optimization, execution and resource planning functions are automatically applied without sacrificing performance. The SNAP Framework™ is standards-based, extensible and integrates with existing IT infrastructures – and it’s a Teradata exclusive.

  • Adapt to changing priorities in real time with advanced workload management that allows for granular rule and policy-based prioritization. Dynamic mixed workload management lets you maintain scalable performance even with large numbers of concurrent users and workloads. Fault-tolerant design and simultaneous load and export during queries, online backup and recovery, online restoration, and online scaling help you avoid scheduled downtime.