TELX Colocation & Data Center Services

TELX Colocation & Data Center Services by TELX

Telx offers one of the best colocation offerings in the U.S. One great advantage we bring to the table is the flexibility we offer to our customers in our ability to customize our colocation space based on your needs. In fact, over the past two years Telx has expanded or built out all our major network-centric facilities to ensure capacity for your growing customer base. 


  • Flexibility
    Telx's services offer you a range of options for connecting your systems and providing access to your data resources. Rather than investing in one form of infrastructure and being stuck with it, you can explore a range of options in our vast network of data centers.

  • Scalability
    Because we build large data centers and each of our customers utilize a portion of the storage, you can easily expand their capacity with us as your business grows and drives greater storage and bandwidth needs.

  • Uptime
    Organizations need always-on access to their information and processes, and often need to ensure that their services are available 24/7 for customers. Data centers make use of robust setups to ensure consistent uptime. With 100 percent uptime SLAs, Telx ensures that data is always available and accessible when you and your customers need it.

  • Security
    All organizations require secure data networks and connections, and some industries have special requirements and regulations. Our experts can help ensure your company has the right configuration to meet regulatory guidelines and commitments to your customers.

  • Cost-efficiency
    Establishing an on-premises data center includes expenses beyond just the basic equipment. From energy to cooling, internal resources can be freed up by relying on our data centers to maintain your servers and connections. We also offer aggressive pricing to ensure customers receive industry-leading value for their investments.