Telescope by North Plains

Telescope is the leading digital asset management solution for companies and organizations who need a robust, enterprise-level tool for managing millions of assets across multiple markets. Telescope empowers corporate librarians to manage their company’s growing inventory of digital assets in a way that reduces time spent searching, increases control over brand assets and improves departmental efficiency and productivity.


  • Central Repository
    Telescope stores and protects millions of assets, resulting in cost savings across the organization. Find assets you need, discover assets you didn’t know you had and quickly push appropriate versions to all of your global markets.

  • Smart Catalogs, Forms, and Advanced Searches
    Telescope provides multiple methods for finding assets based on metadata. “Smart catalogs” allow you to track fresh content automatically, while “forms” and “advanced searches” allow for more complex, predefined searches.

  • Protected and Tailored Workspaces
    Each department can create its own uniquely-defined view and workspace that is tailored to its processes and workflow.

  • Unmatched Metadata Capabilities
    North Plains’ flexible metadata structure grows with your organization and provides powerful, efficient search capabilities and process automation.

  • Open Architecture
    Connect with your existing information systems (CRM, CMS, social) to integrate digital media into all of your business processes.

  • Client Interaction
    Securely share assets with clients and third-party collaborators using definable restrictions, such as rendition types, limited-access windows and one-time downloads.