TCS Enterprise Solutions

TCS Enterprise Solutions by Tata Consultancy Services Limited

TCS partners with SAP to help organizations operate with greater agility, make profitable decisions faster and collaborate with increased mobility around the world. We deliver the SAP expertise and experience that our clients need to enhance your SAP platforms, enabling leaner, smarter businesses. TCS’ SAP enterprise solutions enable companies across industries and geographies to benefit from simplified technology landscapes, integrated processes, streamlined operations and improved agility and performance.


  • Real-Time Disruption Management Solution for Utilities: To allow utilities to better plan, analyze and respond to service disruptions, TCS offers a Real-time Disruption Management Solution tailored for the Utility industry. We developed this emergency preparedness solution built on SAP HANA with high performance predictive analytics functionality to support effective outage communication and restoration programs.  
  • Real-Time Disruption Management Analytics for Airlines: TCS offers a Real-Time Disruption Management Analytics tool, powered by SAP HANA, which provides comprehensive and rapid analytical capability for managing disruptions in airline processes. The tool is developed for airline operations teams to enable them to obtain an integrated overview of disruptions, impact to operations and aircraft schedule, as well as resulting cost implications. The solution facilitates 'what-if' scenarios and provides recovery option selections including recommendation of optimal recovery tactics. 
  • FastForward TM : TCS offers this SAP AG certified test automation tool developed for SAP programs. It is designed for easy user experience & eliminates the need to learn any scripting language for developing test scripts. This tool allows multiple cycles of testing with variety of test data and automatically generates test result documents. 
  • DataSure: TCS has developed this SAP data migration solution which provides an easy to use universal tool that reduces overall effort and time required for data migration by using multi-agent processing. It enables the business team to validate data and fix and doesn't require any programming knowledge.