Taulia Inbox

Taulia Inbox by Taulia

Inbox by Taulia™ is a fully integrated eInvoicing solution that takes you from manual, paper-based processes to a simple and electronic way of doing business. Our efficient eInvoicing solution offers faster processing, lower transaction costs and greater visibility into the invoice creation, delivery and management process. Best of all, Inbox by Taulia is completely free for suppliers to use and offers unlimited invoice submission methods to fit their needs.


  • The Simplest Way to Send an Invoice
    eSend is a comprehensive and flexible eInvoicing solution that fully optimizes the process of invoice data capture and eliminates the need for buyer-based manual data entry. Suppliers simply email their invoice as a PDF and eSend instantly extracts and verifies the data. Easy, effortless eInvoicing! 

  • Unlimited Flexibility – eInvoicing Ideal for ALL Your Suppliers 
    Inbox by Taulia offers a flexible eInvoicing solutions to meet the needs of all your suppliers, regardless of their current invoicing capabilities or requirements.

  • Secure, Electronic Invoice Exchange 
    Taulia provides eInvoicing functionality in compliance with the requirements of tax authorities in over 50 countries. By partnering with a leader in eInvoicing security, you can be assured your electronic invoices are accurate and genuine, regardless of country of origin or destination.