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Tacton by Tacton Systems

The powerful configuration engine in Tacton’s sales configuration solution captures the knowledge of your best product specialists and makes that knowledge available to your entire sales team. Even newly hired sales reps, dealers and partners will be able to quickly offer the best solution.


  • Sales are empowered with the knowledge they need to offer the right product at the right price 
  • You’ll always offer the solution that’s optimal for your customer and for you. 
  • Even new or inexperienced sales representatives can effectively sell complex products. 
  • Shorter sale cycles lead to more quotes per year which in turn results in higher revenues. 
  • You’ll gain competitive advantage by being able to deliver accurate, high-quality quotes quicker than the competition 
  • You’ll have better control of your margins resulting in increased profitability 
  • Administration is reduced for both sales and configuration specialists. 
  • Product specialists are freed up to focus on innovation and product development