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Tableau Server by Tableau Software

Tableau Server is a business intelligence software application that provides browser-based analytics that anyone can use. It’s a rapid-fire alternative to the slow pace of traditional business intelligence tools on the market. What makes Tableau different? It's designed for everyone! There's no scripting required, so anyone can become a business analytics expert. You can grow your deployment as you need it. Train online for free. Find answers in minutes, not months.
Get valuable insights from business intelligence solutions built for visualized data, online analytical processing, and more. Winning BI tools delivered through the cloud drive informed decision making and enable staff to really guide business processes. Use these BI applications to do more with the big data that’s held in a data warehouse or other system.


  • Flexible data architecture: Tableau Server leverages fast databases through live data connections, or can extract and refresh your data in–memory with its blazing fast data engine. Your choice, and you can change your mind any time. 

  • Automatic Updates: Refresh local data on schedules, at set intervals, or incremental levels. Or just refresh it all. Get alerts when data connections fail. Set up subscriptions so you get your data when you want it, as often as you want it.

  • Embedded Analytics: Tableau Server makes it easy to integrate data into your business. Embed dashboards within your organization’s existing workflow. Whether you need native database connectors, APIs or a suite of authentication methods, it’s in the bag. 

  • Scalable: Whether you’re building a platform for a team or an entire organization, Tableau Server is ready to grow with you. It scales with both hardware and memory, and comes with many features to ensure it is a reliable backbone of your enterprise. We use it ourselves to run two of the largest data platforms in the world, Tableau Online and Tableau Public. 

  • Secure: Tableau Server gives you security permissions at any level you need. Multi-tenancy provides sites to separate both users and content. Individual permissions can be set for projects, dashboards, or even users through a simple visual permissions window. Even ensure that your data is secure with data connection permissions and row-level filtering. 

  • Mobile: Author a dashboard once, view or edit it anywhere, on any device. All dashboards are automatically optimized for mobile tablets without any programming. Use familiar tablet gestures to view and interact with dashboards in mobile web browsers or using native iPad and Android apps.