Tableau Big Data Analysis
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Tableau Big Data Analysis by Tableau Software

Tableau makes it easy for people to rapidly transform data into smart business analytics. What data? Any data of any size, format, and subject. Tableau simplifies the way data is explored & communicated. It’s a new kind of business intelligence software—rapid-fire business intelligence. 


  • Options for fast in-memory data engine or live database connection Tableau has optimized direct connections for many high-performance databases, cubes, Hadoop, and cloud data sources such as and Google Analytics. You can work directly with your data to create reports and dashboards. Tableau lets you connect live or bring your data into its fast, in-memory analytical engine. 
  • Get value from data with Tableau's big data BI Tableau's powerful big data software enables the people who know the data the best to do their own analysis. With drag & drop, point & click ease to build charts, reports and dashboards, Tableau gets people throughout an organization connected directly to their data. There’s no more waiting in an IT queue to answer questions, so now you can begin getting answers from your data.