Symfact Enterprise Compliance Platform (ECP)

Symfact Enterprise Compliance Platform (ECP) by Symfact

Symfact is the leading provider of Contract Management and Compliance Management Solutions, enabling enterprise customers around the world to maximize revenues, minimize costs and actively manage contractual terms and risks, all on a single technology platform. With Symfact solutions, customers can effectively manage the documentation, deadlines, budgets, commitments, workflow, secure access and analysis tools related to contract management and compliance. 


  • Centralized secure administration of contracts and obligations enabling distributed access across the enterprise
  • Proactive management of all contract types and contract details such as identifications, dates, conditions, legal aspects, benchmarks, obligations, directorates, positions, risks, relationships, evaluations, qualifications, real estate, prices, orders, invoices, etc.
  • Increased speed of decision-making due to the accessibility of contract data analysis and partner evaluations
  • Transparency into all contract contents with visibility and control of any related risks
  • Reduced time for the creation, approval and management of contracts and documents
  • Management of contracts based on real-time documents and activities
  • Standardization and conformity of partner relations extending across multiple areas of the organization
  • Significant time savings during contract generation, research and analysis
  • Configurable security and confidentiality - of critical importance in a web-based system
  • Efficient control of contracts with detailed audit trails of all system activities