Symantec Disaster Recovery Advisor

Symantec Disaster Recovery Advisor by Symantec Corporation

Symantec Disaster Recovery Advisor automatically detects and reports on risks in high availability and disaster recovery infrastructure. By scanning systems across the data center to ensure that existing HA/DR plans are applied seamlessly, Disaster Recovery Advisor helps limit the risk of infrastructure and application downtime by ensuring data center recoverability


  • Helps businesses meet critical Service Level Agreements by reducing risks to business continuity.
  • Agent-less implementation makes it non-disruptive to production environment.
  • Scan frequencies can be scheduled based on business needs, reducing data center intrusiveness.
  • Gap knowledge base updates are automatic, requiring no manual intervention.
  • Improves performance by highlighting underutilized storage space, unused copies of storage volumes, database entities and replication configuration changes.
  • One management server scales to thousands of monitored servers across multiple data centers.
  • Single, consolidated view of disaster recovery readiness with easy deployment, management and maintenance