StorePulse™ by Reflexis Systems, Inc.

The Reflexis StorePulse™ platform (patent pending) enables retailers to sense key events and trends happening inside and outside stores and intelligently redirects store associates to provide exceptional customer service. Reflexis StorePulse™ uses real-time data from any source, analyzes it, and sends alerts with appropriate follow-up actions to the right corporate or store employee. It also provides a single interface on mobile devices for managers to view their alerts and tasks coming from a variety of applications.


  • Store Execution
    Inconsistent execution of promotions, product launches, merchandising, and other projects leads to sales losses of 2%-5%. Reflexis store execution solutions ensure your retail strategy is completed as intended to drive increased sales.

  • Labor Operations
    Reflexis Labor Operations solutions (budgeting, forecasting, labor scheduling, employee self-service, time and attendance, and mobility) enables companies to schedule the right person at the right time in alignment with retail strategy.

  • Advanced Analytics & Reporting
    Reflexis analytics / reporting solutions drive insights and best-practice action from previously siloed systems as well as unstructured sources to provide the highest possible quality of customer engagement.