EDI Fulfillment

EDI Fulfillment by SPS Commerce, Inc

When your retail partners ask you to do EDI, trust the industry’s leading platform. The only EDI solution that gives you full-cycle visibility into your orders & inventory — in real-time.


  • Fulfillment (EDI)
    Streamline and manage orders, shipments, payments and returns. Strengthen your existing relationships and easily integrate new partners with our fulfillment solutions.

  • Sourcing
    Find the right digital retail partners and products in the industry’s leading sourcing community.

  • Assortment
    Meet consumers’ growing demand to access more product information across all shopping channels. 

  • Analytics
    Drive sell-through velocity, improve margins and enhance customer loyalty with insight into sales and inventory data.

  • Community
    Ensure rapid vendor onboarding, compliance and change management with proven community development strategies.