Sprocket CMMS
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Sprocket CMMS by Dematic

Sprocket CMMS provides an intuitive and simplified user experience that goes beyond basic Facility Maintenance, but also incorporates the major components of Total Facility Management such as, Inventory Control, Reporting, Preventive Maintenance, and Capital Asset Management in order to maintain competitive and high-performance facilities.


  • Accountability Whether performing repairs, preventive maintenance, inspections, or corrective maintenance, tracking technician work orders and time allows you to better schedule maintenance tasks and institute best practices in your facility. 

  • Visibility Using Sprocket, technicians can navigate through work order screens with ease to update work orders with parts checkouts, time postings, and track equipment downtime. This information is all accessible in Sprocket making it easier to identify problem areas and improve workflow. 

  • Reliability Improved data accuracy through Sprocket ensures that maintenance tasks will be completed efficiently making your operation more productive and reliable.