SpringCM-Platform by SpringCM

SpringCM is a cloud-based document management system that lets you manage contracts, documents and all types of content. Using SpringCM apps for desktop, Web and all mobile platforms, you’ll have access to your content from anywhere when you need it. 


  • You know your business best
    SpringCM lets you store documents in a folder structure that fits your needs and it’s easy to post new documents using drag-and-drop, email or even fax!

  • You can easily to share content
    Easily share your content and documents with colleagues as well as clients and outside vendors. Forward a document for review, signature or any workflow steps that fit your process. Need to access previous versions of a document? It’s no problem with SpringCM. You’ll have the complete revision history of your content that shows who made changes and when.

  • Keep your content safe
    Apart from document management, SpringCM offers a unique solution to keep your content safe. With a growing network of servers and facilities, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your documents are secure and ready to be accessed when you need them from any device.