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Spiceworks by Spiceworks Inc.

In Spiceworks’ free help desk software, you can update help desk tickets, receive service requests, post IT alerts, share maintenance schedules, provide contact info and more - all from an easy-to-configure, customizable web portal. You can also generate quick reports on all your help desk tickets – from noting how much time you spend resolving issues to identifying which devices (or departments!) create the most headaches!


  • Receive your users’ email requests directly in Spiceworks.
  • Open, close, assign, and even respond to help desk tickets right from your mobile device – all with a few simple text commands
  • Use the Helpdesk Tech role to get rid of distractions and close tickets left and right.
  • Manage your tickets simpler than ever before
  • Quickly create helpdesk tickets or to-dos from anywhere in Spiceworks.
  • Rules allow you to easily group and take action on helpdesk tickets that meet any criteria that you set
  • Import all of the tickets in your existing system to Spiceworks helpdesk and manage those requests and to-dos alongside your IT assets in one place – making Spiceworks your mission control for everything IT!