SpaceTRAX® Point of Use™

SpaceTRAX® Point of Use™ by Stanley Healthcare Solutions

The RFID-based SpaceTRAX® Point of Use™ inventory management system, available in North America and Europe, seamlessly links supplies to physicians, patients, and procedures. This advanced inventory management system uses bar coding and RFID technology to increase charge capture, reduce excess inventory, and increase inventory turns.


Complete control over high-value stock at your fingertipsWeb-based supply management software that requires limited involvement from your IT department, SpaceTRAX® Point of Use™ is based on a barcoding scanning system that reduces your workload by automating your inventory control process:

  • Use SpaceTRAX anywhere you have an Internet connection!
  • Automatic Supply Management: Barcodes track part numbers, product descriptions, expiration dates, and lot/batch/serial numbers
  • Increased ROI: Optimize inventory levels, eliminate losses due to expired products, and eliminate guesstimating and oversupplying
  • Improved Charge Capture: Make sure you are charging the patient record for every inventory item used in a case
  • No hardware to purchase, no software to install
  • Professionally maintained database with tens of thousands of SKUs
  • Integration: Standard interfaces for billing, purchasing, and patient information
  • Manageability: Audit supply trail to accurately monitor product performance, item waste, and patient outcome
  • Convenience: Fits into existing workflow, reduces hours spent managing inventory
  • Customer Support: Full-time customer service staff available to help with any questions or issues