Solidus eCare Multimedia Contact Center

Solidus eCare Multimedia Contact Center by Aastra Technologies

Aastra Solidus eCare offers enterprises of all sizes IP and mobility-enabled virtual contact centers across multiple sites. This enables dispersed customer service organizations to behave as one single unit. Solidus eCare™ is the power that enables people to be provided with the best contacts. Customers are guaranteed access to the most appropriate agent – wherever they are located and on whichever communications medium they prefer to use. 


  • Agent applications
    The agent application includes the ability to handle all the different incoming media types. Furthermore, it provides agents with the option of having screen pop-ups and real-time information on their desktops.

  • Self Service
    The Interactive Voice Response is a very important tool in the contact center. It is a graphical tool that makes it possible to create all kinds of call flows, ask for and retrieve information, and interface with databases.

  • Management Services
    The management applications include the Configuration Manager where you configure the users and media flow, the Information Manager where it is possible to see real-time information, and the Report Manager which comprises historical data and reports. All the management applications are windows-based and easy to use.

  • E-mail/SMS handling
    As part of the overall solution, the customers will be able to use e-mail/SMS as a medium for getting in touch with the contact center. E-mail/SMS is handled in the exact same way as phone calls.

  • Web
    The real-time medium known as Chat will make it possible for customers to get in contact with the company from the company’s homepage. Chat is handled in the same way as phone calls and goes through the same routing intelligence.