SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor
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SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor by SolarWinds

SolarWinds® Server & Application Monitor (SAM) delivers comprehensive application and server monitoring software for alerting, reporting, and management. With Server & Application Monitor’s built-in support for 200+ applications, it only takes minutes to create monitors for custom applications and to deploy new application monitors. 


  • Get detailed performance metrics for over 200 applications (Windows Server®, Linux®, Active Directory®, Exchange, IIS, SQL Server®, and Apache®) 
  • Monitor any application—from home-grown apps to even the most complex. 
  • Securely monitor applications regardless of where they are hosted (private, public, or hybrid clouds) 
  • Monitor server performance and report on hardware and software asset inventory 
  • Isolate the source of issues in seconds with one consolidated view of your application, server, and virtual infrastructure