SmartAdvocate by SmartAdvocate

SmartAdvocate® is the best case management software on the market today. Server-based SmartAdvocate is the most powerful, full-featured case management system available today, dwarfing the competition in features, technology, reliability and support. Now there’s also SmartAdvocate Cloud, a hosted version that provides the ease and affordability of the cloud. SmartAdvocate Server and Smart Advocate Cloud.


  • Easy to use dashboards put all relevant case information at your fingertips     
  • Store, track, manage and classify case info and documents in a single, integrated platform    
  • Powerful built-in document template generation engine & document management system    
  • An all in one platform that lets you fully manage all aspects of your cases, no matter how complex or voluminous Loaded with reports that give you the tools to effectively manage your practice    
  • Mass e-mailing and texting capabilities    
  • Browser-based - secure data on your server and accessible from any internet connection    
  • Supported by a powerful network of software integration & business partners gives you one source for all of your firm’s needs