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Slemma BI by Slemma

Slemma is a data analysis tool that enables users to create simple, easy-to-use and dynamic data reports from multiple data sets. The web-based tool connects to over 75 data warehouses, databases and cloud service solutions. Slemma’s step-by-step Chart Wizard makes report generation quick and seamless, allowing anyone to visualize their third-party data in minutes.

Dynamic reports can be shared to both clients and colleagues alike. User permissions ensure that sensitive data can only be accessed, viewed and edited by individual members. Slemma’s data dashboards can be accessed on virtually any device for easy presentation.


  • Integrate
    Digging into your data should be easy. That’s why we created Slemma! Slemma has a ‘read-only’ relationship with your data. This means Slemma isn’t storing your information, it’s just reading it. This allows the Slemma engine to run quickly (since it doesn’t have to lug your datasets around). Slemma was built to help you understand your data without breaking a sweat.

  • Visualize
    Slemma was built to make data visualization possible for every member on your team. Use pre-built chart templates to visualize your data instantly or empower your team with our intuitive chart editor.

  • Collaborate
    We believe by making data visualization the center point of your team, it will keep your business on track and working towards a common goal. Slemma’s mission is to make reporting a major part of how you do business. By simplifying the data visualization workflow, virtually anyone on your team can dig into their data and service their business with powerful data analysis.