Skill Port
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Skill Port by SkillSoft

Skillport is a modern, cloud-based solution that provides an unparalleled learning experience by connecting formal, informal and collaborative learning. Our innovative platform quickly delivers highly targeted learning—when and where people want to learn.


  • Help your employees become more productive 
  • Provide just-in-time answers and performance support 
  • Prepare staff for critical IT and business certifications 
  • Achieve measurable results and cost savings 
  • Deliver leadership training to meet the learning needs of every manager 
  • Support small-to-medium businesses with learning programs designed for specific budgets 
  • Meet the unique requirements of governmental training environments 
  • Offers a variety of learning modalities to match individual learning styles 
  • Can be configured to meet all of your learning needs 
  • Merges with your existing IT and business applications, as well as mobile devices 
  • Delivers a full complement of learning options administration features 
  • Social and community features to connect learners across your organization