SiSense Prism suite

SiSense Prism suite by Sisense

The perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and amazing software that delivers powerful business analytics within hours. On-site, or in the cloud.


  • Behind Prism's drag-and-drop user interface and eye-grabbing visualization options lies a technology that forever changes the world of business analytics software. By removing limitations to data size and performance imposed by in-memory and relational databases, Prism enables any business to deliver interactive terabyte-scale analytics to thousands of users within hours.

  • Prism’s unique end-user tools enable non-technical users to perform tasks that once required support from a team of database admins, engineers, and data scientists. Data mash-ups, interactive browser-based dashboards, and ad-hoc analysis of high-volume data are all done with a user-friendly interface that anyone can learn and requires no programming skills.

  • Prism is the only solution that can be set up and used entirely in-house! Avoid outrageous implementation fees and never-ending outsourcing costs by using your internal resources efficiently. Even with huge data volumes and concurrent users, Prism can handle data at scale on a single commodity server. Finally, a solution that lets you avoid the high costs of data warehousing, OLAP cubes, or clustered solutions.