SingleHop Hybrid Cloud

SingleHop Hybrid Cloud by SingleHop

SingleHop brings together a unique combination of enterprise-class technologies from best-in-class category leaders, such as Radware, Alert Logic, Microsoft, and many, many more. We then integrate their technology into our award-winning automation engine, support it with our certified staff, and customize it to fit our clients needs. The result is truly enterprise-class hosted cloud infrastructure, available on-demand for businesses of all sizes. 


  • Dedicated Server 
    Dedicated servers have long been the workhorse of the Internet. These devices are literally individual, physical computers that are used by only one client at a time.

  • Private Cloud 
    Private cloud combines the reliability and privacy of a dedicated server with the elasticity and redundancy of the cloud.

  • Virtual Server 
    Virtual server instances can be deployed in minutes, destroyed in seconds, and scaled to be as small or large as needed.