Silent Passenger

Silent Passenger by Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Reduce costs and maximize profits with GPS Fleet Tracking Software

Silent Passenger®
 software is the world’s most advanced fleet management technology and Fleet GPS tracking system. In addition to all of its cutting-edge GPS tracker features, innovative Silent Passenger® is intuitive and easy to use...literally putting information-rich data at your fingertips in real time to increase efficiency fleet wide and maximize your profits.

  • Truck Temperature Control
  • Customer Quick Alerts
  • Employee Management
  • Driver Score Card
  • Electronic Logbook Devices (ELD)
  • API Connections
  • Route Optimization
  • Location Tracking
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Safety: Speed Technology
  • Safety: Driver Behavior
  • Fuel Savings
  • Driver Identification
  • Garmin 2-Way Messaging

In addition to our industry-leading GPS fleet tracker software, we are proud of our recognized excellent customer service and client success.  

Let us show you the way to driving your fleet management costs down while steering profits up using GPS Fleet Tracking and Management Software. 



? Save with Low Monthly Pricing 
Vehicle Tracking Solutions provides a complete GPS Tracking Software at a low competitive price.

? Gain Total Fleet Compliance
Silent Passenger® LogBook™ (SP LogBook) allows you to meet the requirements set forth by the Federal Motor Safety Administration and manages Hours of Service (HOS) for your fleet drivers by combining the status of the driver from the SP LogBook™ Android-based mobile application with the required vehicle data.

? Supported On-boarding
A Vehicle Tracking Solutions specialist will contact you directly to get you set-up with Silent Passenger®.  

? Easy Installation and Driver Usage
Vehicle Tracking Solutions provides an intuitive and easy to use software, Silent Passenger® has everything you need to manage your fleet without disrupting your day-to-day operations.  

 ? Customizable Software API Integration
Get a 360-degree view of your operations in a single solution. Silent Passenger Connect is an Application Programming Interface (API) that can be added to third-party software to update Silent Passenger® 24x7 in real time as well as update other systems with data from Silent Passenger®. Through its diverse integration capabilities Silent Passenger Connect simplifies many different fleet management functions, including sending scheduled job information from an existing dispatch to Silent Passenger® and then to a navigation device in the vehicle; displaying the current status and location of a vehicle in your dispatch software; comparing GPS fleet tracking data to your drivers’ scheduled jobs; integrating mileage and hours of use data into vehicle maintenance software for a live feed of current data; and connecting Silent Passenger and your time-clock software to determine and compare punch-in time to vehicle departure time.

? 24/7 Best-In Class Customer Support in the USA
Any time of day, you can access our representatives 24/7 for complete customer service.  

? Real-Time Data & Reporting
Silent Passenger® provides you the flexibility to receive reports in real-time, keeping your fleet visible to you at all times- providing you with greater business intelligence. Pinpoint the exact location of every vehicle in your fleet, 24x7. Proprietary split-screen views enable real-time monitoring of numerous vehicles simultaneously, providing a broad range of reporting possibilities.