ServicePower by ServicePower, Inc.

ServicePower is the only Field Service Management platform enabling “Hybrid Workforce Management,” enabling organizations to save money, improve customer satisfaction and drive new revenue by efficiently managing both captive and 3rd party service providers. ServicePower uniquely combines warranty and claims management, dispatch, scheduling, field mobility, customer portal, workforce management reporting and e-commerce for all field service interactions in a single solution. ServicePower also offers a fully managed network of 3rd party service providers to enable rapid and high-quality on-demand “spill-over” servicing at peak times and in hard-to-reach locations across North America and the United Kingdom.


- Increased Efficiencies
Improved productivity and efficiency with schedule optimization

Real-time business intelligence gives your organization visibility to adjust policies, parameters, and strategies to meet customer goals.

Customer Portal gives your organization the flexibility it needs to grow while field operation decisions are still being driven by customer information.

Control costs and detect fraud, measure productivity, coverage gaps, cycle-time and parts usage. Quantum technology brings the power of quantum annealing to the cloud, benefiting any organization with even faster, more scalable optimization.

 Intelligently mixed labor capitalizes on the cost savings of contracted labor, while also improving cycle times and contractual SLA compliance.

- Seamless Customer Experience
Our customer-inspired mobile solution empowers your field technician to deliver a personalized experience, conduct customer follow-up, and utilize a direct line of communication with the customer.

Collaboration capabilities provide a customer centric on site experience, while improving first time fix rates.

Real-time updates and a customer portal gives the power back to the customer.

End to End field service management with CRM & ERP capabilities.

Visually enhanced dashboards for easy metrics.