Sertifi e-Signature Solution

Sertifi e-Signature Solution by Sertifi Inc.

Companies of all sizes use Sertifi to get agreements signed faster. Sertifi is the #1 provider of eSignatures and Closing Automation Solutions for automating the last mile of the sales process. Organizations that use Sertifi quickly deliver, execute, and track agreements while speeding the close of deals and eliminating burdensome paperwork. Sertifi also offers a payments feature that enables your customers to submit payment right after they sign.  


  • Speed the sales cycle by sending agreements electronically
  • Collect customer payments right after agreements are signed
  • Customers conveniently sign on any computer, tablet, or mobile device
  • Integrate into your CRM or leverage the Sertifi API to build an integration
  • Supercharge your field sales team by enabling customers to sign in-person
  • Eliminate time-consuming and costly paper
  • Track deal status in real time
  • Enable advanced signature and routing workflows
  • Store signed documents including 100% audit trail
  • Signed documents are independently verifiable and secure