Serengeti Tracker

Serengeti Tracker by Serengeti

Serengeti Tracker, the industry's highest-rated and most widely used system for managing e-billing, matter management and analytics. Tracker incorporates worldwide best practices from leading law departments to increase cost control, reduce spend, and drive efficient collaboration, both internally and with outside counsel.


  • Proven Performance
    Tracker is an easy, efficient and secure way for law firms and corporate law departments to share information within a single Web-based system.

  • No Cost to Law Firms
    Unlike its competitors, Serengeti does not charge law firms for use of Tracker matter management, e-billing or any system usage.

  • No Customization of e-Billing Data Standards
    Tracker does not require your law firm to change its time and billing system to submit electronic bills to your clients.

  • Ease of Implementation and Training
    Your corporate clients authorize timekeepers, rates and other information for each matter as they review bills, eliminating any complicated implementation processes for law firms to get started on Tracker. Corporate law department implementations include integration with all outside firms.Turn your Team into Experts in the Business of Law

  • Turn your Team into Experts in the Business of Law
    Tracker was built by attorneys, for attorneys. Serengeti integrates e-billing with overall matter management in a single shared system, accessed online by both law firm and law department users.

  • Visibility to Potential Corporate Clients
    Tracker’s unique many-to-many architecture permits companies who are seeking to assign work to new law firms to search for and view information about any of the law firms who are working with other companies on the system.