Security Weaver

Security Weaver by Security Weaver

Security Weaver’s integrated yet modular offerings have been popular governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solutions for companies running SAP software since 2004. These solutions ensure superior application performance, rapid implementations across diverse environments, and unmatched returns on compliance investments. 


  • Superior Application Performance: Allows your staff to complete compliance work in less time than with competitive products allowing them to focus more time on other work

  • No Hardware Expense: Competitive products require a substantial investment in infrastructure to run. No Security Weaver customer has had to upgrade their infrastructure to run our tools.

  • Minimal Installation Expense: Common implementation expense for competitive tools run between two and seven times what customers are paying to license these solutions. Our typical implementation time is between 2 and 5 business days per module installed.

  • Leverage Existing Organizational Competency: Security Weaver Applications are developed exclusively on SAP technology. As such, organizations are able to leverage their existing SAP capabilities to manage the application compliance. Lower Total Cost of Ownership = Higher Return on Investment.