Security Services

Security Services by ALERTLOGIC

As data management moves into the cloud, these concerns can become more pronounced. Alert Logic provides a comprehensive, cloud-based portfolio of Security-as-a-Service solutions that incorporates leading-edge security products, expert-managed services, and an integrated research team that continually assesses and monitors your environment to ensure that your data remains safe — even as new threats develop and regulations evolve.


  • Intrusion Detection 
    Real-time collection and analysis of regular and SSL-encrypted network traffic. Integrated 24×7 SOC monitoring and guidance services.

  • Vulnerability Assessment 
    Unlimited internal, external and PCI scanning capabilities. PCI DSS Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV).

  • Log Management 
    Collection, normalization and analysis of event log files. Powerful drill-down analysis and reporting capabilities. Daily log review service provides expert guidance and recommendations.

  • Web Application Firewall 
    Active protection of web applications by an operational control which monitors HTTP traffic to block attacks.