Secured Signing

Secured Signing by Secured Signing

The Secured Signing service helps you sign and seal documents within a few seconds with a simple mouse click. You can sign and seal your financial documents, reports, purchase orders, sales quotes, agreements, forms, letters, and much more.


  • Automated signing process 
  • Save time and money
  • Trusted Personalised X509 PKI - Digital Signature 
  • Legally binding 
  • Sign remotely from anywhere, any time 
  • Sign with your full name or initials 
  • Sign with your scanned handwritten signature 
  • Select multiple pages to sign 
  • Sign-all button 
  • Signed documents are in PDF format 
  • Forward signed document by e-mail 
  • E-mail notifications 
  • Signature verification service 
  • Efficient paper-free environment