savvisdirect CloudStorage

savvisdirect CloudStorage by CenturyLink, Inc.

For large-scale cloud applications, object storage is far more efficient than hierarchical file systems. To this end, CenturyLink Cloud offers enterprise-grade object storage. Our cloud servers store and manage your files in a highly scalable, fault-tolerant distributed database.


  • S3-compatible API and Authentication
    Already have S3 code written? Re-deploy it with CenturyLink - our API supports service, bucket, and object-level operations. Our object storage is compatible with most S3 file management utilities as well; see the Resources below for recommended programs.

  • Secure, Key-Pair Permissions
    Store collections of files in buckets that are protected with unique key-pairs. Point-and-click to assign permissions to other users as needed.

  • Storage for Large Objects
    Store any type of file in the CenturyLink Cloud – multimedia, documents, database backups, archives, and more. Supports direct uploads for files up to 5 GB; larger objects may be stored in the CenturyLink Cloud using multipart file uploads.

  • High Availability
    Object storage from CenturyLink stores multiple copies of your object natively, so high availability is already built-in.