SAS® Business Intelligence Software
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SAS® Business Intelligence Software by SAS Institute Inc

Self-service BI drives decision-making. The use of real-time analytics with a mobile strategy helps to move collaborative innovation, with each member of a team holding all of the keys to change in his or her pocket.  Business intelligence tools give companies the resources to look at aspects like governance, the use of centralized metadata, and scalability, to figure out how to utilize a data warehouse, implement effective business intelligence dashboards, and keep data flowing instead of trapped in silos.

Vendors provide business intelligence solutions in many different ways. While some are really predictive, others might not offer the types of analysis that truly empower customers. SAS Business Intelligence enables clients to understand the past, monitor the present and predict outcomes as the business grows, with BI applications linked to a sound and capable architecture.


With SAS Business Intelligence, those who are tasked with decision making spend less time looking for answers and more time driving strategic decisions. These ‘intelligence analysts’ rely on good software integration and agile reporting tools to actually use business intelligence the right way in the field. Types of resources include:

  • Business intelligence tools that compile data on products and sales
  • Business intelligence software that integrates client data from a CRM or other source
  • Business intelligence dashboards that bring aggregated data to leadership teams

Only SAS presents a comprehensive, fully integrated business analytics framework that addresses users’ evolving needs across the organization. This makes it easier to share consistent, holistic views of the business and enhances decision-making abilities. SAS software, together with the SAS Business Analytics Centers of Excellence service offerings, provides the infrastructure and best practices to help you optimize and control your information assets.