SAP Lumira
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SAP Lumira by SAP, Inc.

Bring your data to life with SAP Lumira – data visualization software that makes it easy to create beautiful and interactive maps, charts, and infographics. Import data from Excel and many other sources, perform visual BI analysis using intuitive dashboards, and securely share insights and data stories with your team.


  • SAP Lumira, Edge edition Agile Visualization for Teams and Departments SAP Lumira, Edge edition helps your team or department visualize and better understand their data all on a lightweight in-memory server. With SAP Lumira, Edge edition your team can quickly analyze large volumes of data and create data stories that captivate audiences and speed up time to insight. 

  • SAP Lumira Visualize your Data Right on your PC with Lumira Desktop Quickly build stunning visualizations with just a few clicks. Visualize large volumes of data without having to sacrifice performance, security, or scale. Maximize data knowledge and drive immediate outcomes across the enterprise. 

  • Trusted Data Discovery With SAP Lumira Server, business users can analyze data and get unique insight in real time using the latest visualization technologies. Discover how the software quickly processes large volumes of data and reduce time to insight. 

  • SAP Lumira Cloud Agile Visualizations in the Cloud SAP Lumira Cloud helps quickly visualize large volumes of data without having to sacrifice performance or security. Designed to speed time to insight, it empowers users to discover hidden insights using mobile devices or in browser. Save time and money with flexible licensing options available for Lumira.