SAP FAM by SAP, Inc.

SAP Financial Asset Management (FAM) is an integrated position management and investment accounting solution for: Securities, Partnerships, Money Market Instruments, Loans / Mortgages, Foreign Exchange Transactions, and Derivatives. With SAP solutions, wealth management firms can manage cash, real estate, and financial assets with fully integrated performance and risk control. Finance staff can manage all their capital assets, from funds management and deal entry, to accounting and valuation. This enables firms to maintain greater insight into, and control over, all processes associated with managing cash, liquidity, investment returns, risk, and compliance. 


  • SAP FAM provides for a high integration into SAP Financials (G/L). SAP FAM furthermore provides reporting and analyzing possibilities for market and credit risks as well as performance measurements.

  • Together with SAP’s RE-FX solution for real estate management and FAM’s’ US Statutory Reporting package, SAP FAM provides an asset management application designed for the insurance industry for all major investment areas.

  • SAP solutions help wealth managers make the most of their investment portfolios through timely analysis of investment performance and risk, with full statutory reporting, leading to: Better visibility and control over their full capital asset portfolio in a single view, and enhanced transparency and understanding of financial risks related to their capital assets.